Metal band rocks hard

Metalcore bands are masses of a dying genre.

This was my thought until I discovered Girugamesh, a Japanese metalcore/progressive metal band from Chiba, Japan, formed in 2004.

Girugamesh takes what metalcore is, strings it up and hangs it from the gallows. They are pure perfection in the world of metalcore, as is evident by their latest single, “Incomplete.”

“Incomplete” starts off with the title track, a flawless show of what Girugamesh accomplishes, blending metalcore with a the feel of a regular rock band.

The second track, entitled “Limit Break,” shows what Girugamesh can do on the metalcore side of things. Never have I heard such a song this perfect. The growls are great, breakdowns are amazing and the fact that it isn’t like every other metalcore band out there just makes it even more beautiful and illustrious in a time when metalcore is dying.

The final track, “Takt,” the German word for a conductor’s baton, starts off with a somewhat pop-love-song type feel, what with the programming, but, after the intro, it goes into a nice and steady breakdown, and then transitions back into the love song feel. They transition so smoothly that I can’t help but be amazed at what they can do with a dying genre of music.

Girugamesh, I must say, is one of the best bands I’ve discovered this year, and it makes me joyful that metalcore isn’t dead yet. I’d give this a four-and-a-half out of five.