Runner sprints to scholarship


Hailey Williams, Smoke Rings

Walker Clampitt dashes toward the finish line.

Sports and college run hand in hand. Scholarships, grants and even tuition waivers are some of the things colleges have to offer, especially for senior and athlete Walker Clampitt.

Clampitt is a runner in cross country and track who has received a scholarship from Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) for half-athletics and half-academics. He earned the academics based on his ACT and transcript.

“I got the offer [for the scholarship] earlier this [school] year,” Clampitt said. “I was touring the campus when they offered it.”

He will be doing all the general education courses and then the rest of the courses are major emphasis on math and science.

“I was also selected for a special program that only a select group of students get picked for,” Clampitt said. “ It is an advanced science and math program.”

Clampitt loved the campus its sights and the campus buildings were close together. The classes were also easier to find.

“It’s so pretty and everything was easy to find and it made me feel at home,” He said. “It’s an older campus, so everything has that old relaxed feeling to it.”

Clampitt’s inspiring cousin, who is also a runner, got him into the sport. He watched her with his grandparents, and got into the sporting vibe.

“She ran track and cross country for Duncan, and got me to join in the sixth grade,” Clampitt said.

His speed and academics have earned him a grant and free ride to college.

“I was one of the fastest kids in the state,” he said. “I’ve done track since the sixth grade and cross country since the ninth grade.”

According to his coach, Todd Ledford, there wasn’t a tryout, he just had to be fast enough to be on junior varsity and Clampitt has a good chance of doing well in future sports.

“He has a lot of potential this season and in college,” Ledford said. “It’s hard work and he’s a natural runner.” Ledford also said that Clampitt’s drive to succeed and desire to win was another trait he saw.

According to fellow teammate junior Tyler Mitcham, Clampitt and junior Mason Bivens would be ahead of the pack and got really competitive about the sport.

“[He] and Mason have always kicked butt,” Mitcham said.

Mitcham also mentioned Clampitt is faster than about half of the sprinters on the track team.

“Walker was one of the fastest runners there,” Mitcham said. “He almost [won] state last track season.”

Overall, Clampitt has a hard working future at OBU and just as much of a commitment to it.