Celebrities idolized for stupidity

They walk down the red carpet in their fabulous clothes, no doubt custom-made and very expensive. They’re all anyone can talk about. Many care for them as if they knew them personally. They stalk them more than a girl would stalk her boyfriend’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

These are the popular people known as celebrities, and most love them for their mistakes. These mistakes are what brings them their current fame; they used to be good, and they were praised for it. Drama, attention, lack of proper schooling and other things got in the way. Now they just want to be noticed, and their lack of intelligence gets to them. Some prime examples are Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. A few years ago Chris Brown and Britney Spears would have been used. Brown and Spears have been getting better. Even today they are still discussed, however.

Some of the events of their lack of intelligence includes, but is not limited to: sitting naked on a wrecking ball, egging his neighbor’s mansion, abusing his now ex-girlfriend and shaving her hair for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Now, if most people obviously see their problems and know they aren’t the smartest people around, then why does society use them as role models? There are definitely people in everyone’s lives that don’t make good decisions either, except most know not to look up to them.

The problem is that it’s extremely hard to run away from popular celebrities. The media puts them in practically everything, so that someone would have to be a hermit to not hear about them somewhere. Most people want to know who did what to whom or the who’s who of the what’s what.

I just don’t understand why society wants to know so much about the lives of these celebrities. Sure, they’re well-known and very rich, but that doesn’t mean the public needs to know what they eat for breakfast every day. Their lives shouldn’t affect ours directly. Furthermore, if they’re making bad choices then why does society place them on pedestals? They have no reason to place celebrities higher than others who make the same bad decisions. Kids will think celebrities are amazing, then be upset when they realize their favorite childhood singers and actresses decided to be unintelligent with their decisions. This happens because the celebrities were looked upon as children.

Celebrities often tend to set society’s standard for what many conceive as “beauty” when most of it is Photoshop. Many teenagers, specifically females, will starve themselves because they’re not small enough or pretty enough. Many of them are led to be anorexic and depressed, which are very unhealthy.

Seriously, celebrities don’t need this kind of attention. I would sincerely think (and hope) they would be smart enough not to do unintelligent things, but I’m easily proven wrong. I know that there will probably never be a day when the world doesn’t have these kinds of celebrities. It is possible in our world to hear about all of the good celebrity role models over the bad ones. I wish for this to happen, and every generation can make it so. We are the future. They can decide, maybe one person at a time (more would be nice, too), to listen and pay attention to these things or not. If no one pays attention to the media, then why would they continue to publish?