Putin unfairly praised over Obama

Isn’t it funny that as recently as Jan. 4, Conservatives such as Glenn Beck were crying that Barack Obama was a communist dictator and are now claiming that they’d rather be lead by Vladimir Putin, an actual loosely communist dictator? It’s almost as if the criteria for being a bad leader doesn’t have anything to do with actually being communist, a dictator or controlling people’s lives. The worst of the two leaders doesn’t have anything to do with which one actually takes away rights, hurts innocent people or doesn’t care about his own. The most hated leader, according to conservatives, will be whichever one happens to be Barack Obama that day. I’ll prove it.

Now from watching Fox “news,” I have discovered that Republican correspondents determine the very nature of actions almost exclusively on the political affiliation of the person committing them. Example: George W. Bush uses the executive order approximately 291 times, didn’t hear much about it. Barack Obama uses the executive approximately 171 times, therefore conservative correspondents claim Obama is a tyrant forcing his will on the American people. Obama has taken, to date, 92 vacation days and is called lazy by Fox “news” guest Monica Crowley. At this point in his presidency, G.W.B. has used approximately 367 vacation days. Bush probably just had important business pretending to be a cowboy.

Obama’s relationship with gun control is also something that is frequently misrepresented by the self-proclaimed “non-mainstream media.” The president’s current plan to reduce gun violence includes background checks to weed out the mentally unstable and purging military grade automatic weapons and unnecessarily dangerous accessories, such as high capacity magazines and armor piercing bullets. Now at this point, gun-over-human rights advocates must be thinking, “But what if I need to kill 2 or 3 dozen police officers very quickly?” Meanwhile, even Ronald Reagan admitted that no one needed to own an assault rifle. Speaking of Reagan, how far would Obama have made it offhandedly saying we don’t need guns that are designed to kill humans and selling missiles to Iran? The great thing about Putin’s brand of gun control, is that when he wants to change the law, he doesn’t have to be bogged down by that pesky constitution.

But hey now, those are all just facts. Why bother letting them influence your opinion? It’s no surprise to me that hardcore conservatives are paid to go on T.V. and feed ignorance by criticizing Obama’s every action, even if it is blatant hypocrisy. At this point it doesn’t even surprise me that the group of people who coined the term, “if you don’t like America, then get out,” are now favoring the leader of Russia over our own. My advice to anyone who believes Vladimir Putin to be a better leader than Barack Obama is go live in Russia.