Violent video games not to blame

Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Halo and eight-year-olds with machine guns and a limited vocabulary on the internet; all of these conjure images of violence. That violence could be anything, whether it be killing hordes of people or blowing up objects and vehicles. 58% of Americans believe video games are the sole cause of violence in adolescents.

The theory that video games cause violence in adolescents is unfounded, as no evidence has been put forth that they actually cause people to commit school shootings and senseless acts of violence. In fact, more evidence has been brought to light that articles about these types of claims cause more anger amongst gamers than the games themselves.

Another fact is that it’s been proven that, in the case of most acts of senseless violence, the shooter has almost always been mentally ill in some way. Some people claim Adam Lanza’s actions were motivated by Call Of Duty, but it wasn’t the games that caused his actions. He was mentally ill, suffering from autism and was a possible schizophrenic. It’s highly unlikely that video games may have caused him to snap. Literally anything could have caused the fragile glass that was his reality to shatter.

Miranda Barbour, the “Craigslist Killer,” is another example of the media trying to blame video games for violence.

Barbour, who is on trial for the murder of a man whom she met over Craigslist, has also said that she killed 22 other people across the country as part of a Satanic cult.

An “expert” analyst for Fox News, Peter Johnson Jr., said that Barbour has “an affinity for the fantasy game called ‘Dark Soul,’ which is a very dark, death-laden video game that’s on PlayStation and other kinds of video-type things where there’s a lot of killing involved.”

After the fact, he brings up that she was abused as a child and had an abortion, because her disturbed mind obviously couldn’t be caused by her abuse.

Unfortunately, as long as there are violent video games prevalent in society, the media will attempt to blame mass shootings on games like Call of Duty and Halo, and no evidence will ever be put forth to support this claim.