LEGGO Week helps community


Natascha Mercadante

Two teachers face off during the LEGGO Week Teacher Olympics

LEGGO Week is a time of giving back to the community through events of enjoyment, competition and fundraising for others.

This week starts off with a bonfire where students can hang out around a fire. However, the competition begins between teachers.

On March 10, the teachers and faculty came together to go head to head in a game of competition. The teachers were put into two teams, the red team and the blue team. The red team consisted of Justin Smith, Amy Clark, Channa Byerly and several others. The red team was made up with Todd Ledford, Tereasa Vachon, Heather Allen, and other teachers. The red team was ahead by six points until the final few games, which put the blue team into their victory spot. The teachers certainly brought a new kind of competition by being less teacher-like and more fun loving.

Now on to March 11, when the girls went against each other in a dodgeball competition.

Each team had struggles when it came to going against The White Girls, who won the tournament.

The boys dodgeball was an all out war. Each duel was  fast-paced. With spins and several head shots, it was a fun time. Off the playing field, it was sportsmanship. Each team congratulated one another at some point in time. The Bombers won the tournament when they beat the White Guys during the last leg of the tournament. After the trophies and high-fives were handed out, the school got ready for the main event.

LEGGO Week is all about raising funds for the community. This year, money went to sending 10 special education students to prom, giving Easton Smith, who has cerebral palsy, a chair lift for his mom and dad’s car. The funds were also to help pay for Christian Thaxton’s vitamins, supplements and other things to help his eyesight. Thaxton is a 2012 graduate of Duncan and was on a scholarship to Redlands Community College in El Reno.

Together, the school and community raised $31,154.42, which is more than $10,000 above the set goal.

LEGGO Week is five days out of the year to give people a new perspective during a great time of fundraising and games. But it’s not all about the get togethers or the competition, it’s about giving back to the people around the community.