Aerobics promotes healthy lifestyles

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, Medical Doctor, Master of Public Health, who gave a presentation on Feb. 25 at the Simmons Center, believes that exercise is medicine. As the inventor of the widely known form of physical exercise called Aerobics, Cooper has inspired many people to pursue good health.

Cooper graduated medical school in 1956. Twelve years later, Cooper published his book “Aerobics.” It was so successful, the book was translated in 42 languages. It promoted the methods for vigorous exercises that strengthen the heart and lungs.

There is evidence that the methods were effective. For instance, from 1968 to 2008 the number of cardiovascular related deaths fell by 48 percent. However, it is unclear if this was directly related to Cooper’s methods.

In his journey to promote health, Cooper supports physical education (PE) classes in schools. Cooper claims the  United States has the lead child obesity rates worldwide and the exercise PE classes require would help lower the numbers in this statistic.

There are also studies that show fit kids do better in school and Cooper says that it is because exercise is fertilizer for the brain and that one should exercise his mind daily because exercise brings great responses.


However, being fit does not benefit only those in a school setting. Studies show that limiting weight and alcohol among other things can prevent approximately one third of cancers.

With studies and statistics as evidence to his claim, many students and adults that attended his presentation at the Simmons Center agree that Dr. Kenneth Cooper lives up to the standards of being one of the greatest health and exercise leaders in the world.