Holloway leaves lasting impression

Head football coach Jim Holloway arrived at the high school in 2005. Within two years, Duncan held the first home playoff game in 10 years, which was a thrill for the community, the players and the school.

Athletic Director Burl White says that Holloway was a good choice and a well organized coach for the high school at that time.

“Back nine years when we hired him, he was one of the several really good candidates we had,” White said. “He’s highly organized and probably one of the most organized coaches we’ve had, and we needed that nine years ago.”

However, in December, instead of renewing his varsity football coaching contract, he was offered a teaching assignment by the administration, but Holloway wanted to continuing coaching football.

This year’s Demon football team had a great deal of talent, but never made semi-finals in their run for state, which was a disappointment for them

According to Holloway, though they didn’t reach their ultimate goal, they did have much leadership and locker room camaraderie, and the seniors were influential on the football team.

“I really felt like we got as much from our seniors as we could,” Holloway said.

Senior Alyx Turner agrees that the seniors led the underclassmen well and the players stuck together as a team.

The coaching staff Holloway put together worked well with the team and vice versa.

“[It was] just a great feeling of your coaches and team meeting,” he said. “In these days of a selfish society, that type of leadership in the locker room is very special.”

The number of athletes in the football program has become smaller over the years, and that has been a setback. The 2013 team lacked a good number of juniors and seniors. Tough competition added a slight hardship, but Holloway felt like the team got as much from the season as they could. Holloway helped develop character in his players.

“What we lacked in numbers and talent, we made up for in the young men,” Holloway said.

Holloway has taken great pride in developing assistant coaches.

This year, beating Altus was a successful moment for assistant coach, Kim Longest.

“We have played a tough schedule,” Longest said. “But going against Altus and beating them was a really big highlight.”

Holloway has built the program on trust and bonding with players.

“We build our program on trust and attitude,” He said. “At the end of the day, you never stop caring about [the players].”

A number of his players are still in contact with him, and the fact that he has touched the lives of his players moves him.

Senior Dylan Wright has been on the Demon football team since his freshman year and has seen the support on the team.

“The whole team never gave up no matter how far we were down,” Wright said.

Holloway says he will miss watching his players grow.

“It’s never been about me; it’s about our players and the assisting coaches,” he said.

Though retiring is something he had been considering, he would rather continue coaching for a while longer and is looking at several options. He says he will make the final decision soon.

“I’m not ready to quit working, so I’ve had second, third and fourth thoughts on retiring,” Holloway said. “I’m going to continue coaching.”