Swim dives and breaks records to go for the medal


Hailey Williams, Smoke Rings

Charles Espinola does the backstroke during regionals in Edmond

To swim coach Andrew Bowers this team was one of the most fun teams he has ever coached.

The boys swim team went to state on Feb. 23 at Mitch Park Place in Edmond.

“Of course we had a few bumps in the road,” Bowers said. “But overall this team came together to get along great.”

The teamwork and encouragement helped them break several records.

Sophomore Charles Espinola also feels that they came together as a team to achieve excellence.

There were four records broken this year. Damon Demar broke Bryce Waugh’s 50 freestyle record. Espinola, Demar, freshman AJ Stewart and senior Brennan DeHart broke the 200 Medley relay.

DeHart feels that these records would never have been broken without the the support of the team.

According to DeHart, the team broke the records by a few seconds, which is quite a lot.

“In our relays we broke the records by pushing each other and helping each other,” DeHart said.

Teamwork means a lot to DeHart and he is proud of this past season.

“The fact that it’s just me and Damon Demar [as seniors] last season helped me achieve more this year than we have any other year,” DeHart said.

Some of the struggles included not having a pool because the Simmons Center had a problem with the liner,  and the lack of teammates.

“We need a lot of people to win state, but we’re getting there,” Espinola said.

Not having a pool was a disappointment, but the swim team was able to overcome this obstacle.

“At first we were all kind of down in the dumps about not having a pool, but we soon figured that it was actually helping us,” Bowers said. “Once we figured that out, the swimmers really took it on as their own.”

Bowers was proud that the team didn’t use not having a pool as an excuse and used it to their advantage and, ultimately, to succeed.

According to DeHart, with the four guys going against 20-30 people and taking the top 10 places in state, it will hopefully help make people realize that Duncan has a swim team.

With the season over and the team breaking records, they have bonded and achieved great success.