Students participate in annual talent show

Many people share a grandiose dream of seeing their name in lights, but few of them ever get the chance to prove themselves. A few students were recently granted a rare opportunity to show their ability in the annual talent show.

According to the participating students, performance takes more than guts. It takes hard work, and much practice. No one could be a better example of this than the performers who earned prizes from the show: Mason Bivens in first place, Sonia Diaz in second, and the Heartbeat Dancers in third.

Bivens, the first place winner of the talent show, reveals exactly how much work is necessary when asked how much preparation he needed.

“It took about a year,” the junior Mason Bivens said. “I practiced with each hand individually for awhile, then put them both together a little later.”

Bivens’ piece, Chopin’s “Fantaisie Impromptu,” was classical, and as such, complex. Second place winner Sonia Diaz’s performance, though not instrumental, also required much preparation.

“I try to sound as close to the original as possible,” Diaz said. “Especially with Carrie Underwood.”

Performance takes more than preparation; however, many people believe it requires instinct in equal measure and a certain ability to enjoy being on stage. Diaz exemplifies this as well.

“I didn’t really worry about placing, because for me,” Diaz said. “It was more about singing and enjoying doing what I love.”

As is often said, an ability to deal with an audience is another important facet of performance. Bivens exhibited this quality as the opening act to  a noisy morning show audience that had to be silenced by show organizer, Kevin Zinn.

“While I was playing, I could definitely hear them,” Bivens said, adding that he didn’t think it affected his performance.

Overall, The show did very well, With most students in attendance for the morning show, and the night show gaining $500 in ticket sales.

“It went well,” Zinn said. “I missed having a band.”