Teens participate in Disciple Now

This time of year, students have been known to leave their homes for days on end. They have been known to gather with their fellow teenagers and live in other peoples’ houses for entire weekends. Sometimes, they even leave their hometowns for the duration of the annual phenomenon.

This event is known as Disciple Now, or DNow for short. During DNow, youth spend a weekend at various “host homes” provided by members of their church. Over the weekend, the adolescents, assisted by sponsors, participate in activities, discussions and services designed to provide entertainment and to help them learn more about God and Christian lifestyles.

Sophomore Blake Conway, who participated in DNow with First Baptist Church from February 21-23, has participated in the event four times. He believes that DNow is not only a fun social opportunity, but also a good opportunity to grow his Christian faith.

“It’s a great time that we all get to spend time together,” Conway said, “but we also get to learn about healthy relationships in our lives, and how to maintain the best relationship of all, with our God and our Creator, our Savior.”

This year, First Baptist Church’s DNow theme involved sexual purity and abstinence. Immanuel Baptist Church’s theme dealt with personal identity in a Christian life.

Sophomore Emily Linsky of Immanuel says that she learned a lot about their topic over her church’s DNow weekend, which lasted from February 28-March 2.

“We learned a lot about our identity in Christ and how we’re unique,” Linsky said.

Immanuel Baptist also did DNow differently this year. Instead of lodging at host homes around town, their group of DNow-ers went to popular church camp, Falls Creek, for the weekend.

Junior Abbie Stewart, from Immanuel, also liked this deviation from the usual DNow experience.

“It was a new experience; we’ve never done that before,” Stewart said. “I really liked how we spent a lot of time together, because we were all in the same cabin at Falls Creek instead of being divided through town in different houses, so that was a good experience.”

DNow is only one of many activities youth group members participate in, but it is a major one that many Baptists take part in around this time of year. This church-spanning event has and will continue to enrich the Christian beliefs of Baptist teenagers the town over.