Students volunteer locally

Volunteers tend to touch the lives of those they encounter. Sometimes a smile and a few words are all one contributes. Other times the job involves hard work out in the basking sun. Nonetheless, there are many students who volunteer their personal time. Sometimes they even pay to do this. Volunteers aren’t paid in a physical aspect, but with something else entirely.

Enter sophomore Mark Crook who has volunteered at both the humane society and the hospital as well as some of its events.

“It’s pretty fun,” he said. “I’ve done it for two years now.”

At the humane society, he walked and fed the dogs. At the hospital he has done the front desk, Information Technology (I.T.) and rehab. With his mom, he has helped with events such as the triathlon and health career club events. Crook also mentioned volunteering helps on college applications.

Other students who have volunteered at the hospital include freshman Andee Beth-
Fitts and senior Alan Hruby. Beth-Fitts helped out in physical therapy and Hruby helped on the patient floors.

“They [the patients] love young people to death,” Beth-Fitts said. “They don’t get a lot of visitors because they live far away or they just won’t care.”

Beth-Fitts has played piano for the hospital as well as nursing homes. She said that the music helps the patients digest the food.

“They [the workers] have a really hard time getting them to eat,” she said.

All of these volunteers have little jobs they’ve been asked to do, such as fluffing pillows and making emergency preparedness packages.

The hospital isn’t the only place to volunteer. The public library is one of these places and freshman A.J. Stewart is one of these volunteers.

“We hang out with the little kids and get to know them,” he said.

In the summer the library has multiple programs that kids of many ages can attend. The volunteers help the leader of the program as well as keep the kids under control.

He and a couple of family members do a puppet show at church on Sundays. They use a book of scripts that their mother has.

Many more students volunteer locally or even abroad, but many would agree with Hruby’s words.

“It’s fun and you get a sense gratification,” Hruby said.