Robomovie makes audiences robolaugh


Never has movie making money been more wasted.

Robocop is the classic story of a police officer in the futuristic city of Detroit, circa 2028. The worlds justice is distributed mostly by robots, save for the United States, which has rejected robopolice in favor of humans. The reason this a problem for Alex Murphy, is that his mangled corpse is now the poster child for Omni-Corp’s half man/half robot, Robocop.

The first Robomovie was made in the 1980’s, and has now been remade, possibly to spread the rumor that it is a serious action movie. Since the original movie came out, it has become something of a cult roboclassic, hence my belief that it shouldn’t have been remade.

Its cult roboclassic status is attributed to the fact that by current or even recent robostandards, it’s almost comically bad due to its contrived plot, awkward direction and downright poor robodialogue. Robocop, 2014 isn’t far behind.

That being said, I enjoyed this movie. I liked the roboaction, the nods at the roboriginal movie, the way Robocop’s 80’s movie one liners sound in his robovoice. I appreciated the superhero feel of the film as Robocop barrages through enemies seamlessly but is then met at the end with the proverbial ‘roboboss battle’, where he fights actual robots. Or how he cannot harm anyone not immediately committing a robocrime, no matter how much he wants to, which relates the connection between his emotional human side and his logical robopersonality.

The film ends like any other superobohero movie, Robocop is repaired and back with his family and will continue fighting robocrime, but probably won’t get two robosequels.