Coffee shop offers delicious options

Starbucks has earned its reputation for being a common drink stop, yet their snacks are just as great as their drinks.

Starbucks is a bakery with fantastic pick-me-up foods and amazing cheesecake

brownies. It’s a cheesecake with a blend of a pure chocolate frosting that makes it delicious.

For Starbucks, it’s not all about the products they sell, but also about the environment.

Starbucks is eco-friendly and recycles everything that is left over in their shops. Their cups and paper packages are made out of 100 percent recycled goods. They even encourage users to recycle again and again.

Starbucks also has teas, bottled water, Jones Sodas and Refreshers. Refreshers: a fruit blend drink, which helps make everything about Starbucks, perfect. Jones Sodas is a flavored soda that can come in many flavors, such as cherry, bubble gum and cotton candy. The various Tazo teas also have a fruity blend for their style, for the tea lovers.

A lot of their food products are just as extraordinary and out of the box as their drinks. Anyone can do good for the the environment by going to Starbucks, buying a drink with a great snack and feel great about going over 400 times a year.