Popular game removed from market

Flappy bird was taken off the market on Feb. 10. The creator of this well known game was Dong Nguyen. According to CNN.com Nguyen took it down because he was tired of people “overusing” his app. Many people have cracked, dropped and thrown cellphones because of frustration.

Piou Piou is one of these challenging games.

According to Inqusitr.com, Piou Piou is an earlier game that resembles the Flappy Bird. Piou Piou, which is still available in app stores, might be one of the two games to sue Flappy Bird because of the birds being close to identity and different sizes. The second company is Nintendo because of Flappy Bird’s copy of the pipes in Mario Bros.

Flappy Bird is still an obsession, but might not be as popular in a few months.