Toy-based movie showcases excellence

There is a movie whose sheer gloriousness reaches out to the inner child inside each of its viewers and fills it with sublime delight. This movie can make even the most gloomy of nerds squeal with joy. Its pure wonder seeps through the eyes and ears of moviegoers and lodges itself in their hearts.

This film is known as The Lego Movie. There are so many great things about this movie that I find myself in the unique position of not being able to remember all of them. From the animation to the acting to the storyline to the references, this movie delivers on all fronts with a surge of excellence unequalled by any animated movie I have ever seen.

A central part of its greatness is the animation. Everything in this movie, except for a few deliberately non-Lego elements, such as a Band-Aid and an Exact-O knife, looks like it was made of the popular building blocks. Even the explosions, smoke, water and laser beams are Lego-ized. This works perfectly alongside the non-Lego items, referred to as relics, which are used very wittily in the story.

This animation compliments the superb voice acting featured in the movie. The talents of Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell and especially Morgan Freeman, among others, take their characters from being regular Lego minifigures to being fully-defined characters worthy of any major motion picture. Hearing Morgan Freeman voicing a blind hipster hippie wizard ghost was enjoyable by itself, regardless of the wonder of the rest of the movie.

In the nerd half of my brain, however, these spectacular aspects of this cinematographic extravaganza are eclipsed by the insanely fantastic references in the film. Lord of the Rings, DC superheroes, Harry Potter, Star Wars and BIONICLE, the greatest Lego theme of all time, all get time in the movie (even if that time only amounts to less than one second in some cases, such as BIONICLE). Other Lego themes also have Easter eggs in the movie, such as Ninjago, Speed Racer, Friends, Duplo and the collectible minifigures line.

These zany references serve to enhance the storyline, which, for a kid’s movie, is a masterpiece of crazy funniness. The storyline, at its core, is your classic rehash of the Monomyth, but the incredibly witty humor sprinkled everywhere in the film enhances it to an enjoyable quest to save the Lego universe.

The Lego Movie is basically perfect. I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy a lighthearted movie, to anyone who ever had a childhood and to anyone who has ever played with Legos.

Five out of five Lego bricks.