Coca-Cola commercial showcases diversity

With rights abundant, people from all over the world come to find the freedom our great country, the United States of America, provides by the people becoming citizens. Being citizens of the United States that come from countries all over the world, many speak different languages.

During Super Bowl XLVIII, the Coca-Cola company aired a commercial that depicts just that and people are singing “America the Beautiful” in some of these different languages. This is a song that talks about the allure and grace of the United States of America; it tells of how magnificent a home it is for its citizens.

As a citizen of a country that the person loves, they should have a right to sing their praise and adoration in the language they are most comfortable with.

To me, that is a way to show complete dedication to your country.

If I decided to move to Spain, for example, and I fell in love with it, I would sing about it — in English, my native tongue.

That is the language I learned when I was a baby and have spoken all my life so the words I speak have a much deeper meaning. The same may go for those who were raised speaking other languages.

When I heard that other people couldn’t see the deep and meaningful message behind the foreign language singing, I was disappointed. I couldn’t understand how someone could only see it as offensive.

We are the nation of the free.

We have the freedom of speech and so we should have the freedom to sing in adoration of the country we love in any language we choose.