Cheer jumps and tumbles for NCA


Elizabeth Plasencia, Smoke Rings

Cheerleaders perform their routine during the January pep assembly

The cheerleaders were flipping into their placing at NCA, the National Cheer Association. Out of 22 teams competing the cheer team earned 6th place.

On Saturday, the team was in third, but on Sunday they landed in sixth.

Sophomore Kylie Fears was proud of their performance.

“We hit a really clean routine,” Fears said.

Senior Erica Creswell feels that the team could work on their tumbling, stunts and jumps.

“I would probably improve the jumps for next year,” Creswell said.

Fears thinks that the team needs to work on their confidence.

“We were nervous,” Fears said. “Everybody gets nervous before you compete.”

To prepare, the team practiced every Monday and Wednesday.

“We did the pep rally and a showcase and more,” Fears said. “We work really hard.”

Sometimes they went on Saturdays for two to three hours. They practiced a lot and had coaches that helped them by being supportive and encouraging.

“They [the coaches] do an awesome job encouraging us; they would work us until we got it perfect and they really just motivated us,” Creswell said. “Misty had come in and she went through our routine section by section until we got it perfect.”

Misty Kohout, who is the mother of cheer member Kayce Miller, is an extra that the team is working with. She is there to help clean up routines.

The cheer team had a difficult competition and practiced hard for it.