Death Grips hip hops onto playlists

Death Grips hip hops onto playlists

Originality is a rare thing in the world of hip hop. With all of the “P. Diddy”s and “Will I. Am”s eclipsing pop radio with their seemingly endless army of clones, it seems like hip hop is the final nail in the coffin of the music industry.

Enter Death Grips, an artist of fiery devotion to envelope pushing, a trio with a passion for scary, clustered nonsense and a penchant for all the daring noise that is glaringly absent from modern music. Their first album, “The Money Store,” generated a huge amount of praise and controversy. Their latest album, “Government Plates,” is no different. Just as daring and more focused, Death Grips is at the top of their game here.

Musical tension has never had better expression than on this album. MC Ride, the outfit’s angry frontman, has established himself as one of hip hop’s most unpredictable lyricists. Throughout this album, he fills the jarring beats with equally jarring shouts. His paranoid lyrics fit into the background seamlessly.

The tension is cast into the stratosphere by the perfect production. Producers Zach Hill and Andy Morin experiment endlessly with rough beats and beautiful noise, constantly confounding expectations with shocking prowess.

The album is undeniably infectious. The tension and unpredictability creates a magnetic listening experience, one that pleases as much as it frightens, and endears as much as it smacks around. These guys are just about the most exciting thing around, and they’re just getting started.