Festival showcases films for eighth time


Brendan Meadows, Pitchfork

Independent filmmakers are recognized during the eighth annual Golden Drover Awards.

Jan 24 and 25 marked the eighth annual Trail Dance Film Festival, an annual event that allows directors and producers from all around the world to showcase their talent, and sometimes non-talent, to people from across the world. Many films were entered, and around 100 were chosen for showing at the film festival.

The festival was founded by Anthony Foreman in 2006, and it has transformed into one of the Southwest’s premiere film events, with entries from countries such as Spain, Germany and even Russia. Trail Dance was also one of the top 25 film festivals not once, but twice, in MovieMaker Magazine.

The festival ended with the Golden Drover Awards, which was concluded with the dropping of hundreds of balloons.

The first day consisted of films being shown until 11:15 p.m. Some of the films included “The Only Oly,” “The Paragon Cortex” and “Tempus Fugit.” After every film, a Q&A would be held for the audience to ask the directors and cast questions about the film.

Chase Clark, one of the cast members of “The Only Oly” said that it wasn’t very difficult to get into his character, a kid named Andrew. Andrew’s personality was uncaring and rude. Mattlock London, co-writer and starring actor in the film, said that the work was supposed to make people step back and look at how they treat others.

After all the movies were shown, the Golden Drover Ceremony began at 8:45.

The Drover ceremony began with Sierra Rose, a singer who was the pre-ceremony entertainment. Rose completed her act, and then the festival proceeded with the ceremony itself. Some of the awards were “Best Feature Documentary,” “Best Feature Drama” and the highest award of the night, “Best of Festival.”

The winner of “Best of Festival” was M. Legend Brown’s “Hiding in Plain Sight,” which was the big winner of the festival itself, also winning “Best Feature Drama.” Brown said that he was excited to win the “Best of Festival” award, because they weren’t expecting to win.

Most of all, Trail Dance brought tourism to Duncan, and attracted a crowd of hundreds. The mixture of film and fun created the experience that has made Trail Dance such a success.