Give the devil his due

Give the devil his due

For the most part, I enjoyed Devil’s Due; I enjoyed the action, the suspense and the character development. However, I did not enjoy the generic nature of the plot.

Like “Paranormal Activity” or “Cloverfield,” this film was caught on hand camera by a married couple who were filming every aspect of their lives for no readily available reason. This is ironic because the story contains scenes wherein some of the footage was lost, and is concluded by all the remaining footage being stolen, implying that no one other than the people filming could have ever seen it.

Some parts of the movie were filmed via surveillance camera, but the operators of the cameras were also the camera thieves meaning again, there’s no way for the viewer to have ever seen it.

Unlike most movies featuring people filming their own lives as they are cut short, the characters at one point decide to watch some of the footage but they make no attempt to resolve anything they’ve seen at all. They instead choose to ignore or deny that they’ve just literally watched someone being possessed by the Anti-Christ.

Another problem I had with the plot of this film is that the characters are almost impossibly gullible to the point of being willing to enter an underground party in the rough part of a foreign country that literally takes place in a rock cave. They then go on to ignore the seriousness of everything else that happens to them, pretty much until the end of the movie.

I think this movie had great potential, but was far too reminiscent of many other horror movies in terms of mistakes in the plot.    2.5 / 5