High in the mountains

On Jan. 1, Marijuana was legalized in Colorado.

Marijuana has many names: pot, Mary Jane and weed. Regardless what it’s called or referred to as, it’s still an addicting drug.

I have been told that Marijuana doesn’t actually harm you itself, it just gives you a high and that the worst thing the drug can do is slow your reflexes. It also seems apparent to me that it cripples reasoning skills considering the fact that the Colorado state officials had to replace mile marker 420 with mile marker 419.99 because people were stealing the 420 signs.

The number 420 represents April 20 which is National Weed Day. April 20 was reggae singer and known pot smoker Bob Marley’s birthday. I get that weed supposedly relaxes you and makes you happier, but, come on, it really does not need a holiday. The people who smoke on that day probably smoke the rest of the year too. I doubt they need a reason, or better yet, an excuse to smoke.

Supposedly, the government created this law in order to control the production and it’s distribution. I also know someone that has the theory that if something is made legal, fewer people will do it. I cannot imagine why people would think it is acceptable to slow down their minds. Maybe eventually people will see that when they do get high off of their dried and rolled up leaves, they think they’re so happy and lovely when in actuality they come across as easily angered and mean.

When many smokers are high, they lose interest in forming intelligent thoughts. Help save the world by keeping your wits about you.

A government should care enough about its people to not legalize something that would impair their minds. Maybe the Colorado state government passed the law so that there would be no right minded people left to vote against other bad laws.