Peaceful religion maintains order

It is a period of civil war.

There are civil wars in countries torn apart by different beliefs.

However, there is still a religion that does not believe in fighting.

“Jedi believe in the force and the inherent worth of all life within,” states the Temple of the Jedi Order [TotJO].

No, not the fictional group from the cult classic Star Wars.

This is a religious community that promotes serenity, understanding, happiness and goodwill. The TotJO  strives for a deeper level of spiritual awareness, and the furtherment of human understanding of purpose, earth and the universe.

These do-gooders extend to men, women and children of all ages and races. Although, to become an actual Jedi and not just part of the order, you must be 18 years of age or older. Minors must be at least 13 to formally become part of the Order. Youth officers are provided to assist and help teach the potential members of the Order.

Despite the fact that this religion is widely unknown, there are rules all members are expected to follow.

One such rule is that offensive statements are not allowed.

TotJO website also states “TotJO is a place for spiritual enlightenment, self discovery and discussion of many varied and wide ranging topics. Here at TotJO we debate arguments not personalities and ideas not people.”

There is also a punishment. It is not severe but is a punishment nonetheless.

The punishment for breaking the rules is having the offending member’s account suspended meaning the member is excommunicated.

If a member studies enough with TotJO, they can move up in rank. The ranks include: Novice, Initiate, Apprentice, Knight, Senior Knight, Master and Grand Master.

The material to study is often the Degrees of Divinity. The Divinity consists of the Order’s Teaching Masters’ lessons.

If the work of becoming a member and eventually moving up in rank is not appeasing to someone who is just curious, he or she have the option simply to view the website. He or she could be a Visitor or a Guest. A Visitor is someone who just looks at the website and a Guest is someone that has an account but has not filled out a membership application or taken the Simple Oath.

Although there are many religions in the universe, almost all have a general drive toward peace and understanding. They have a central guide. The Temple of the Jedi Order has the force. Together they strive to  “help forward the world in the most positive of ways.”