Doctor Who Christmas special causes tears


Former “Doctor Who” actor Matt Smith

‘Twas a Doctor Who Christmas,

And all through the world,

All the Whovians were crying,

In the corners they curled.


For Matt Smith was gone,

And Capaldi had come.

Fangirls cried for long hours,

And the fanboys were glum.


For over an hour

Of Doctor Who wack,

We saw Matt Smith turn old

In a Christmas attack.


For 300 years

Smith defended the town.

All his worst foes were there

But could not take him down.


But when finally the Doctor

Was to die of old age,

The Time Lords helped out

With their Gallifrey rage.


They solved the great crisis

Of regenerations.

The Doctor had won

In a Christmas sensation.


But Doctor 11 —

His time had been run.

A sad regeneration

and Matt Smith was done.


And there was Capaldi,

The new Doctor Who.

After a few lines

Credits came in a slew.


Welcome, Number 12!

Hope you do a good job,

But can you do well

After making us sob?


Good Luck Peter Capaldi.

May you be a good Who,

And may silence not fall

While the Doctor is you.


Goodbye, dear Matt Smith.

May you have a good life.

Goodbye, sweetie, say I

Like your “Doctor Who” wife.


From your first full adventure

Back in Season 5,

You captured the heart

Of every Who fan alive.


When Tennant’s Who died,

I was extremely sad,

But you turned it around,

And you made me glad.


My second-favorite Doctor

Is known as 11,

But now he is chilling

In “Doctor Who” Heaven.


And now, here we are,

With the Twelfth Time Lord.

I’m somewhat skeptical,

But I will not be bored.


‘Cause we’re on season eight,

Which comes later this year.

With this new Doctor

There’s nothing to fear.


An era has ended

With that TARDIS-y night.

Happy new Doctor to all.

May he play the role right.