School prepares for prom

Cameras will flash as couples and friends walk down the red carpet, feeling amazing in their tuxedos and dresses. The night could be full of laughter, tears and fun. The night will be prom.

Proms have been happening for hundreds of years, the first one being in the 1800s. “Prom” is actually a short version of the French word “promenade.” The first definition is “a stroll or walk, especially in a public place, as for pleasure or display.”

Some students are already preparing for this year’s upcoming promenade in May. They include juniors Selena Marshall and Savannah Martin as well as senior Hudson Moore.

“I’ve always wanted to go to prom,” Martin said. “I’ve been waiting to go ever since my sister went [four years ago].”

Martin is going to go with Moore to prom this year as friends. They decided to go as friends when Martin was a freshman, but she didn’t think he would ask her the way he did.

“Savannah and I go and eat sushi each time we go to lunch together, so I put a fortune that said ‘Prom?’ in it [in her cookie],” Moore said. “She was very excited.”

They’re going to go with a group on a party bus. Moore plans on wearing a cobalt blue suit since it’s a popular spring color. Martin plans on wearing a long champagne dress.

Marshall has yet to be asked, but she wants to go all-out, nonetheless. She wants to wear a fitted dress full of sparkles. She also wants to get her make up done as well as get extensions.

“I just really like to be dressed up,” Marshall said. “Prom, I really look forward to it.”

If someone has yet to start getting ready for prom and would like to, the Prom Dress Ministry is allowing juniors and seniors to use items from their selection of dresses, shoes and accessories for free. This is an opportunity for young women to go to prom cheaper than buying a whole new outfit. One can go to look at the First Baptist Church at 901 W. Ash. If someone has questions she can call Morgan Collier at 606-0957.

The number of people preparing to promenade will increase as it approaches.