Satanic statue tests tolerance

A seven foot tall statue depicting Satan has been designed and proposed for construction at the steps of the Oklahoma state Capitol building, and many believe there’s no way this thing is going to fly-even if it does have cool gargoyle wings.

The statue is being formally petitioned by a Satanic group from New York to a panel that oversees the Capitol grounds. Their submission includes an artist’s rendering that depicts Satan as a baphomet, which is a goat headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard. In the rendering, Satan is also sitting on a throne adorned with pentagrams and smiling children on his left and right side and his hands appear to be giving the peace sign.

The Satanic temple claims the statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair “for people to sit on in reflection and contemplation”. The Satanic temple maintains that the Oklahoma legislature’s decision to authorize a privately funded monument to the Ten Commandments opened the door for this statue.

Similar requests for monuments have been filed by a Hindu leader in Nevada, an animal rights organization and the satirical church to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The Satanic group has already raised nearly half of the $20,000 they claim they need to build the monument.

Needless to say, Oklahoma legislatures and Christians are not amused by these shenanigans. Some legislatures even go as far as to claim that the church to Satan is not a church by any means, and doesn’t deserve tolerance anyway.

In my opinion, subjective tolerance is the same as intolerance. If we as a society come together and decide that it is acceptable to merge religion and government, we cannot then say that we were only talking about ‘that one religion’. We can’t decide that some religions just don’t make the cut for what we think is a religion and give no real reason for why we don’t recognize them and give them the same opportunities.

Let’s recall that both the Ten Commandments and the Statue to Satan are both privately funded and won’t take anything from the taxpayers. It’s obvious that some people are not interested in having the monument to the Ten Commandments at the Capitol because there has already been a lawsuit filed by the American civil liberties union against its presence for what they believe is a violation of their right to live under a religion free government.

The statue’s construction is as of now speculation and design and of course, fundraising. My guess for how this will end is that legislatures will simply either ignore the petition or deny it for either no legitimate reason or for one that was made up on the spot.