Movie packs emotional wonders


I grew up watching and loving every second of the novel-turned-Disney movie, “Mary Poppins”. So, naturally, I was drawn to the movie that would portray the events that lead to Walt Disney convincing author Pamela Travers to sign over the rights to her beloved novels.

I expected the movie to be light hearted and goofy.

I thought “obviously if a movie is going to be about the creation of an even more light hearted and goofy movie, nothing bad could ever happen.”

Never have I been so wrong.

The movie begins with a pan from a weathervane to a small girl sitting in a park. She is wearing an old fashioned dress. There is a narration of a simple poem:

“Winds from the east

Storm moving in

like something is brewing

about to begin.

Can’t put my finger on

what lies in store,

but I fear what’s to happen

all happened before.”

This poem leads off “Mary Poppins” as well and I like how they connected the two.

The young girl turned out to be Pamela Travers as a child who, from there, began the heartwrenching story of why she created the nanny Mary Poppins.

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized “Saving Mr. Banks” also showed what led to the creation of the “Mary Poppins” novels- not just the movie.

The emotion this motion picture contains is outstanding. It captures childhood wonder and adult sorrow- which shows the realistic plots that I love to see.The movie shows the magic of music and the healing powers of understanding.  The energy generated on and off screen is pleasant for people of all ages.

The actors and actresses perfectly portrayed the fun-loving essence of Disney and his employees. When they were acting out the making of the songs used in Mary Poppins, they sang and played with much gusto.

“Saving Mr. Banks” was wonderful. Never before have I seen or read something so great that it tugged on every one of my heart strings.