German metal band rocks hard

Once in a rare while, a band will come around whose name is as unique as their music. We Butter the Bread With Butter (WBTBWB) is one of these bands, as is evidenced by their new extended play [EP] “Projekt Herz,” or, in English, “Project Heart.”

We Butter the Bread with Butter got their name from a joke one of the members told during a car ride. Tobias Schultka, their former vocalist, found it so funny that they almost had an accident.

Although originally a deathcore band, WBTBWB has progressed more to the industrial – as well as serious – side with their new EP. Their last two albums consisted of covers of German nursery rhymes. They also feature a new vocalist on this EP, Paul Bartzsch, whose vocal style is different from Schultka.

This EP delivers plenty of breakdowns as well as the electronic elements that make WBTBWB such a unique band. It also incorporates the just-as-unique sound of industrial metal. It beautifully fuses two of my favorite genres into a masterpiece that leaves me hungry for more. With this EP, Bartzsch seems to be a promising replacement for Schultka, a fact that I am content with.