Anchorman 2 makes audiences laugh

This movie is stupidly funny. It was created by a team of geniuses. It stars geniuses. It even later incorporates several other geniuses for what seems to be the express purpose of blowing my mind.

Anchorman 2 is the sequel to the story, nay, Legend, of Ron Burgundy, San Diego’s premiere fictional news man of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Anchorman 2 also follows the stories of Ron Burgundy’s crack news team/group of impossibly stupid yet somehow functional co-anchors.

In this installment, each character has its own complex storyline. Steve Carell returns as Brick Tamland, who is essentially the same character he played in The Office, is nevertheless, everyone’s favorite self proclaimed, mentally retarded weather man. In this movie, Brick finds love in a most unlikely place, with another semi-mentally retarded person working at the station. David Koechner is, as always, the sportscaster Champ Kind who knows almost nothing about sports, who has instead decided to try his hand at the deep fried bat industry. Paul Rudd’s performance is still exemplary as Brian Fantana who gracefully segued into the profession of high-quality cat photos.

This movie is amazing to me, not only because it is hysterical and a masterpiece/ testament to Will Ferrel’s career, but is filled with only the best actors and comedians, including Jim Carey, Tina Fey and one of my other favorites, Harrison Ford, taking the form of a werewolf.

This movie is a must-have among must-haves and, in my opinion, the greatest piece of art Kanye West’s career has, or ever will be graced with.


Five out of five beards of Zeus.