Phil Robertson causes controversy

As a journalist, my favorite American right to exercise  is the  freedom of speech.

Every American citizen has that right. But according to the television network A&E, only certain people with certain opinions are allowed that right.

At least that’s what they make it seem like when they kicked Phil Robertson off of the widely-viewed tv show “Duck Dynasty”.

Robertson was dismissed after reportedly stating that homosexuals were like adulterers and other sinners. This happens to be his personal opinion, which he made clear.

If I were to state right now that I supported homosexuality and left it at that, I would probably escape notice of at least half of Duncan High. However,  if I were to agree 100 percent with Phil Robertson, that half of the school that would have been oblivious, would raise a stink.

I actually am completely indifferent to homosexuality- I neither support nor condone it. However, I am sick of the community being complete hypocrites. Like Bristol Palin said the LGBTs are all about “love” and “equality” until someone tells them that they’re in the wrong, they “spread the most hate.”

People should just leave Phil Robertson alone. He stated his opinion and you can’t undo the past.

If other people can voice their opinion in favor of homosexuality without confrontation, why can those opposed not do the same?

All American citizens have the right to free speech so A&E shouldn’t be able to tell Phil Robertson that his personal views are the wrong ones.