“Ender’s Game” BOOK and Movie Comparison

Enders Game BOOK and Movie Comparison

The game is not over for Ender, not yet. “Ender’s Game” is about Ender Wiggins, the third born of his family during a time when the government limits two children per family. After seeing Ender’s older siblings almost reach military capability, the government pushes for Ender’s birth.

He is chosen by the military to go to the Battle School in space. The military needs Ender to be a leader and gain followers that will trust him to lead well. In zero-gravity rooms, Ender and his group compete in mock battles. The team with the last soldier left wins.

As Ender climbs the scoreboard ladder at Battle School, he plays arcade mind games that challenge his war tactics and skills. Because Ender is only in his first year at Battle School and is swiftly leading his team to the top of the board by defeating other groups, he earns new enemies that want nothing more than to see him crash and burn.

Will this brief training be enough to help Ender save the world?

No matter if you are an avid reader or someone just looking for action, Ender’s Game is for you. The author, Orson Scott Card, has written the book in a way that will bring you in and leave you wanting more. I can understand why a screenwriter would want to bring this book to life.