Future generations heading towards slippery slope

A drug, by definition, is any substance that, when consumed, alters the consciousness of the consumer. This includes alcohol, nicotine found in cigarettes and E-vapes and even caffeine present in coffee and soda. Even chemicals and activities that aren’t addictive by FDA standards are severely habit forming. Examples of these are MSG found in fast food and candies and anything from exercising to video games.

Drugs are a blight on our society; they destroy lives and marriages, prevent the forming of new relationships and generally make people seem less intelligent and/or attractive than they might be without them.

Although few people genuinely consider drug abuse to be a problem specifically at the high school, with rumors of marijuana present in school bathrooms and methamphetamine off campus, it seems this issue needs to be addressed. With multiple students having been suspended for smoking both cigarettes and marijuana on school grounds throughout the past couple of years, what are the odds of a student being caught using meth or heroin on campus?

At this time, there is still controversy surrounding the drug marijuana. Many states have already legalized the medicinal use of this drug and a few have legalized recreational use. Although Oklahoma is not one of those legalizing its use, the problem with this is that more and more people are starting to believe the use of this drug isn’t as harmful as other drugs. However, it causes many problems that the majority of people are unaware of.

One of these problems, according to the FDA and other researchers, is that freebasing marijuana is capable of causing lung cancer faster than cigarettes, which may contribute to legislation against marijuana. Despite this, others believe that cannabis is related to the regrowth of neurons, the operating centers of the brain, and the destruction of cancer cells.

The two main reasons that it is still illegal are that when it first became popular, people believed it was linked to criminal activity. Some conspiracy theorists believe another reason is that upon the discovery of alternative uses for cannabis, the genus of plant marijuana belongs to, as an alternative material to paper, competitors in the lumber industry financed a campaign to make all forms of cannabis illegal and eliminate competition.

It seems kind of obvious why people would do this drug. It promotes stress relief, makes the user feel better by partially numbing pain and simply makes a person fine with being bored, which is true about most drugs. Many researchers claim marijuana is a gateway drug, and for good reason. Nobody starts with crack. People generally start out drinking and move up to pot then make the leap to harder drugs like pills and cocaine. The term gateway is just a metaphor for the progression of chasing a high, so to speak. People who move on to harder drugs move up from marijuana because it loses its effectiveness and they need something stronger.

Drugs are a particularly big deal in Oklahoma because it is a massive hub for the distribution of crystal meth. Crystal meth is currently referred to as one of the most dangerous substances one can abuse. With multiple campaigns attempting to end the drug, it’s difficult to go a single day without seeing some sort of reference to it.

Although marijuana and crystal meth are referred to as the most dangerous drugs of today, they are not the only ones that are a problem. Even ones that seem harmless can lead down paths that may involve more drugs, lack of education and even prison.