Demons go worldwide

Bon voyage.

Sophomore Alex Matthews has been traveling abroad and sophomore Meg Taylor will be doing so next summer.

“I’ve been to 11 different countries in Europe,” Matthews said.

She went with her mom and grandmother for summer vacation the past two years. During those trips she went to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, England, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Luxembourg.

“We drove around and went to all the big sightseeing places,” Matthews said.

Her favorite place was Paris; she loved seeing the Eiffel Tower at night.

“I’d go back to Paris anytime,” she said.

If she went back to Europe she’d like to go visit Greece. Other students are preparing to go there. These students are official Student Ambassadors because of People to People, the program they’re using to travel.

“We’re going to Italy, Sicily and Greece,” Taylor said.

The students that are going are juniors Wyatt Main and Cathy Collins, along with sophomores Sunny Main and Taylor. Collins and the Mains are enrolled in online public school while Taylor is at Duncan HIgh School. These students will be traveling about 5,487 miles in June and will be there for 19 days.

People to People is an organization that takes students to different places around the world in order to help their leadership skills, speech skills and raise their Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

In Europe these Student Ambassadors will be touring the countries doing various things such as making pizzas and doing things most tours in these countries wouldn’t get to do.

“There’s a thing called a home stay where we stay with another family there [in Europe], and we get to go ‘behind the scenes’,” Taylor said.

Taylor says she is going because she really likes Greece. All of these Student Ambassadors also have to raise a lot of money simply to go.

Whether students are traveling away from their home, or to discover something new in another, students are traveling to and from far away cultures.