Bjork wakes Iceland up

Bjork wakes Iceland up

From a remote, and often forgotten part of the world, Björk is probably the strangest personality and overall best singer. Her full name is Björk Guðmundsdóttir, and for the people who don’t speak Icelandic, her name is Björk (the j is pronounced as a “yu” sound).

Björk has an extensive background in the music industry; she released her first album at 11. Through her early teens, she had joined several punk bands, some of which are Tappi Tikarrass and the Sugar Cubes.

Since then, she has been making her own music and collaborating with various other musicians. Her album “Medulla” is composed mainly of grunts and various people throat singing. Her newest album is called “Biophilia” and is a concept album, the concept being technology and nature. She often performs with different musicians, from the well-known Thom Yorke, to the unfamiliar Dirty Projectors.

Björk doesn’t get enough positive recognition for what she does. When the media is attracted to her, it’s always an “Ew, she’s weird,” stance. That’s frustrating because often her intellect is overshadowed by her eccentricity. Some compare her music videos to nightmares. In “Triumph of a Heart,” Björk goes to a bar and then dances with an oversized cat, which, if anything, is adorable.

Björk pretty much put Iceland on the map of music. In my opinion, Björk is the closest thing on earth to a divine extraterrestrial or a goddess.