Typhoon tragedy goes viral


VictimsLui Siu Wai/Zinhua/Zuma Press/MCT

Victims are on a roadside in a neighbourhood in Tacloban City, in central Philippines.

One of the deadliest typhoons to ever hit the Philippines caused billions of dollars in damage. The storm caused the deaths of 6,000, and that count is climbing. The phenomenal storm is called Typhoon Haiyan, or as it is called locally in the Philippines, Typhoon Yolanda.

Yolanda is a category 5 super typhoon. As hard as it is to believe, that is the absolute top of the scale, and Yolanda is the fourth strongest storm in recorded history with its winds averaging 315 km/h.

Even though the storm hit the Philippines on Nov. 8, locals are still finding bodies and trying to find homes. People living in the capital of Leyte province, Tacloban City, are still finding about 25 bodies a day.

The Red Cross is running a family-tracing program to help people trying to reach their families in the Philippines. Along with that, the United States is donating $20 million to help. In addition, the United Nations also donated seeds to farmers so they can grow crops. Justin Bieber even visited to boost hope and entertain the children of the Philippines.

Even though the Philippines was hit by one of the biggest storms in history, there are a lot of organizations and companies jumping to help. The cost to repair the property ranks in the billions, but with all the efforts going in to help, many hope the aftermath can be cleared up in just a few years.