Oklahoma fans join in bedlam hysteria

The University of Oklahoma (OU) recently won the bedlam game against Oklahoma State University (OSU). Here, both OU and OSU fans voice their opinions.

“I did not like it, coach Gundy should’ve called a time out because that was an interception and he was on the ground. It was a good game though.” -OSU fan Berkley Faulkner

“They were stupid for just lateralling the ball around. They should have taken a knee. We had them beat anyway. They’re sore losers” -OU fan Connar Kinnaird

“Bedlam brings out the worst on both sides.” -OSU fan Patrick Sullivan

“I though it was the way it should be, OSU at the bottom with Texas and OU at the top” -OU fan Todd Ledford

“They [OU fans] jut can’t admit that we’re [OSU] actually good.” -OSU fan Rebekah Kafer

“I thought it was funny because OSU was supposedly suppose to kill OU” -OU fan Meagan Taylor