Toy Shop brings glee

Bikes, helmets, dolls, action figures, robots, games and more. All of these items are toys.

Toys are what almost every kid fantasizes about during Christmas time. Young ones dream about waking up that Christmas morning to unwrap the many gifts Santa Claus has brought them. However, not every family is financially able to grant their children what they would like this time of year. This is where the Toy Shop of Duncan comes in.

The Toy Shop of Duncan is a community organization that strives to give disadvantaged kids knickknacks and toys throughout Christmas.

“Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. This holiday isn’t just about presents, but every child deserves to have at least one present under the tree, no matter what their family’s financial situation is,” sophomore volunteer Emily Linsky said. “The Toyshop makes that possible.”

Volunteer Lynn Samples said that in order to keep this organization running every year certain things are necessary.

One of the vital factors that is always needed at the Toy Shop is volunteers because without them the Toy Shop can not function. Volunteers like Linsky, junior Charity Meadows and freshman Adriana Dominguez are using this opportunity to give back to the community.

“It feels great to give back to those who are in need,” Dominguez said.

These two young ladies volunteer throughout their community in all sorts of ways.

“It’s a huge blessing for me to be able to help other children who are less fortunate,” Linsky said.

Samples said an event that helps the Toy Shop is the motorcycle run which was held Dec. 1. The motorcycle run is a gathering of motorcyclists around the community that ride and have an evening of enjoyment. At this event donations are taken up to benefit the Toy Shop. Meadows mentioned that without event like the motorcycle run the Toy Shop probably wouldn’t be able to help near as many kids and families as they do.

As of Dec. 10 the Toy Shop has 425 registered families, but by the day of the actual delivery they plan on having 500 families, which is the usual according to Samples.

Because of the Duncan community supporting the Toy Shop so well, by contributing time and donations of money and toys,  Samples mentioned, the Toy Shop will continue to bring a smile to a child in need of that one gift just so long as the community continues their support to organizations like it.