Emotions run high at playoff game


Lizzie Miller

Brothers freshman Adam, senior Daniel and sophomore Hayden Moore respond with high emotion to the end of the final game of this season.


Every year football loses a group of seniors. What makes this year so different from any other is that instead of 12 to 15 seniors graduating and leaving their team, only eight seniors will. The “Elite Eight” to be more specific.

They are as follows: quarterback and defensive back Connor Kelly, receiver Paul Hoffman, left tackle and nose tackle Daniel Moore, offensive line Alyx Turner, outside linebacker Phillip Llanos, running back Je’Mario McCoy, tight end and outside linebacker Dylan Wright and last but not least receiver and defensive back Cody Hood.

Their days playing high school football are over and they aren’t very fond of it.

“It’s not the best feeling in the world,” Llanos said. “I’m going to miss it.”

McCoy is very fond of this last football season as a Demon.

“I had a great senior season and I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” McCoy said.

Injuries hurt. but what hurts this group of football seniors more than anything was not making playoffs.

“It was a real disappointment,” Moore said. “I’ve made playoffs the past three years.”

What caused the most pain to this group of teammates were the errors that kept them from reaching their goal of making playoffs.

“We had a couple things that kept us from [making playoffs],” Kelly said. “It’s hard to look back at those mistakes.”

It’s safe to say that not making playoffs was the biggest let down of the season. One of the biggest satisfactions for these boys was the lifelong memories and the family like bond that was made, as stated by Wright.

“I had a lot of fun with the guys at practice and especially at games,” Llanos said.

One of the best memories that will always stay with these players is the lights. Kelly feels that, stepping out on the field to the fans and lights is one of the best feelings in the world.

McCoy, Moore and Kelly plan to continue playing the game they love.