Everything permits

Words cannot describe the effect Grand Theft Auto has had on my life.

I literally itch with anxiety like one of many homeless maniacs walking the streets of Los Santos when I anticipate playing this game. My social life has been crushed like an unsuspecting pedestrian beneath the grill of a stolen muscle car. I could go on making similar comparisons all day, but Bigfoot, the ghost of Jolene Cranley-Evans and myself have to go try and find the lost city of Atlantis — If we can find all the pieces to the spaceship that is.

The Easter eggs in this game are phenomenal. Apart from being clever or sometimes just funny, they weren’t the kind of Easter eggs you have to go on the Internet to find. They are basically deviations from the plot to things that have little or absolutely nothing to do with the main storyline. I find them by accident, occasionally just doing a story mission, and they can lead to a whole new line of missions. I can’t decide if I’ve spent more time looking for secrets, or playing the actual story.

Speaking of the story, this game has, hands down, the absolute best main storyline of any Grand Theft Auto game ever. This is partly due to having three characters’ storylines wrapped into each other. It’s also partly due to the fact that the production company, Rockstar, makes huge leaps in the things in both the character interaction and bonus features of the GTA games. In the first GTA, the player never left his or her vehicle or even spoke. It wasn’t until the third installment that the game was three dimensional. Now, I’m flying helicopters underneath bridges and holding up banks.

This game follows the intertwined adventures of a young gang member/professional car thief, an older and retired bank robber/family man and a somewhat insane drug dealing desert dweller who are forced to work together to make money they need to keep from being killed by various powerful entities which include but are not limited to the fictional police agency known as the FIB.

Everything in this game is bigger and better than all previous titles. It has a greater selection of cars, planes and helicopters; even owning one or several businesses is now an option. The accessible map of this game is not just a little larger, it’s bigger than the maps from “GTA San Andreas,” “GTA IV” and “Red Dead Redemption” put together. Not only are there more weapons in this game, but rather than instituting a weapon tier system like in previous GTA titles, in “GTA V” Rockstar has picked up the style of letting the player keep every individual weapon and use whichever one they prefer as they did in “Red Dead Redemption.” These weapons can also be customized with things like silencers, extended clips and different colors.

I would say that the online play for this game is unreal, but it’s almost too real. I literally have to buy a house and a car and insurance for it, and for money I can just steal things and rob people. I don’t even feel like I’m playing video games anymore, I feel like I’m training for being a criminal. That being said, there are things to do online that aren’t so possible, such as competitive military helicopter racing, inner city gunfight/foot race and a gameshow-like event that I invented where if you can steal a car and keep it from the police for a certain amount of time, it’s yours!

This game is amazing from beginning to end. Anyone who enjoys the GTA titles or video games in general needs to experience and just from it I am waiting feverishly for the next installment of Grand Theft Auto.