Publication expands into digital realm


Translation: 1919.

That year had several unusual events. Twenty-one people died from drowning in molasses in Boston. New York City had its first legal Sunday baseball game. Prohibition took effect in the U.S. Charles Strite filed for a patent for the pop-up toaster. World War 1 ended. And this newspaper, the Demon Pitchfork, was established.

Now, 96 years later, the Pitchfork has a website, features not only content from the print issue of the newspaper, but it also includes exclusive stories, links, polls, a calendar and other features.

The newspaper staff believes that the development of the website is a major event for the school’s journalism department.

“I’m actually really excited about the website,” senior Syler Baldwin, one of the two co-managing editors of the Pitchfork, said. “I feel like this is a big milestone for the Demon Pitchfork.”

The Pitchfork has been online before, but it has never had a website of this scale.

“I understand that the website is under good management,” co-managing editor Foster Gibbs, said. “I understand things are going to be done differently and I’m excited about bringing the Pitchfork into the future.”

One difference is the grant received this year by Lisa Snider, the high school’s journalism advisor.

“I received a grant from Oklahoma Scholastic Media to create or improve an online newspaper,” Snider said.

OSM is Oklahoma’s statewide student media organization. It holds journalism-themed competitions, gives grants and generally promotes student journalism throughout Oklahoma. The Pitchfork and have both been influenced by the organization.

As it is only very recently being completed, the pitchforklive staff has plans for the future of the website.

“Imagine being able to record part of the band concert and put it on there,” Snider said. “Besides just uploading stories, we want to make it interactive with polls and contests.”

That would keep with pitchforklive’s mission statement: “to provide an interesting, educational and enjoyable source of news and information for anyone and everyone interested in or associated with Duncan High School and its school newspaper.”

That is something the website staff looks forward to doing as long as the website is out there on the Internet.

And they are looking forward to people visiting

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