Seniors answer random questions

Seniors answer random questions




1. If you had a pet snail, what would you name it?


Bri Holland: First reaction is usually Gary. Probably Alberta. That’s a freakin’ great name!

Bradon Jones: Snailmail…. No! Fishbait!

Kayla Willett: Hopper.

Luis Vargas: Michael.


2. If you could rename yourself, what would you make it?


Bri Holland: Smitty Werbenmanjensen. He was number 1!

Bradon Jones: I wouldn’t.

Kayla Willett: I like Kayla. It describes me perfectly.

Luis Vargas: Tobias. He’s very awesome and knows how to use a gun.


3. Can a fish drown?


Bri Holland: Well my Beta died, so I think so.

Bradon Jones: No they have gills. Duh.

Kayla Willett:  Definitely.

Luis Vargas: Yes! If you hold it up in the air and drop it really fast. P.s. DON’T.


4. What’s your favorite word?


Bri Holland: “I dunno.”

Bradon Jones: I can’t think of anything appropriate..

Kayla Willett: “Wow.”

Luis Vargas: “Marsupial.”


5. What’s your least favorite dog?


Bri Holland: The little ones. All they do is “yap yap yap yap yap!”

Bradon Jones: Little rat lookin” dogs.

Kayla Willett: Chihuahuas.

Luis Vargas: Chihuahuas. I have two. One pooped in my room.


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