Challenge day fails to challenge

Underclassmen this year will not be attending Challenge Day.

Challenge Day is a day out of the year that underclassmen go to a location away from the school, that is intended to remove students from their comfort zone. Once there, students go through a multitude of activities that are designed to allow them to connect with others through truth and expression of their feelings or life. After connecting, students should then be able to understand one another better and come out enlightened to the situations of others.

People talk about suicidal attempts, drug addictions, family troubles, financial problems and other issues. The fact that everybody who was there bonded with somebody they never saw themselves with was nice.

The Challenge Day experience only lasts a day.  That’s probably why they call it ‘Challenge Day’. After all the confessions and tears are over with, you get on the bus and it’s done. Typically there might be a few people here and there that continue talking about Challenge Day, but that’s about it. The point is why go to Challenge Day if you’re just going to blow it off the second you’re dismissed to go home? I’d have to say I was one of those people who blew it off. Challenge Day didn’t change my life nor did it open my eyes to anything new. No, I’m not heartless. I’ve just grown up knowing that there are tons of struggles in life.

Going to Challenge Day really doesn’t matter. If the lessons you learn while at Challenge Day don’t stick or the things you hear aren’t going to have any sort of impact in your life then it’s a waste of time.

Yes, it was a nice experience and all, but it I wouldn’t say it had any major effect in my life or in the way I see others. I see the few people that were in my little, ‘If You Really Knew Me,’ group differently. I still remember things that were said and shared, but that’s not going to do anything for me. I wouldn’t say Challenge Day is something everybody needs to go through. If the lessons aren’t going to stick, it’s just a waste of time.