Anti-bullying efforts simply don’t work

Bullying is one of the most recognized problems in the country. When I hear about a school shooting or suicide in the news, it always seems to be caused by bullying. The thought that a group, or even a person can indirectly cost people lives just by being an angsty teenager is frustrating. Plenty of high school bullies have grown up to be fine people, but they had to grow through a control-freak phase.

Schools are laboriously trying to end bullying, but like with most “putting a permanent end to whatever affliction” programs, it just doesn’t work. It’s futile trying to get rid of mean people in high schools because high schools are full of teenagers, and whether it’s accepted or not, teenagers are mean. It’s perfectly natural, because nobody can go through life being nice at all times. Saying that people can put an end to mean teenagers is arrogant, especially since some of the people who are vigorous advocates to end it are some of the main culprits. They’re too careless to realize what they do is bullying.

Bullies and all around mean people are a recurring theme in life. No matter how hard a person tries, they’re going to have a manager that hates everything and goes out of their way to make the employees work more, or the neighbor who throws massive parties on weekdays. It’s a mistake to make vulnerable people think that they can avoid it. The best thing they can learn is to control their thoughts and learn to do something they like, and do it often. High school has a way of putting everyone in forced proximity with the ones they despise, but it also gives them plenty of time to get a job, a hobby or a friend.

School bullying programs should take an almost psychiatric approach and teach students how to handle this kind of thing. School is like the social training wheels of the workplace, and it should represent that as much as possible. Teaching students that they can overcome social hurdles by knowing what the other goes through is helpful, but it fails to teach them how to jump the hurdles if they can’t.