Christians attempt to dust off Bibles

Christians attempt to dust off Bibles

“Hey God, I know it’s been a while since we last chatted and stuff, but I could really really use those new sunglasses I saw at Wal-Mart. So I’m just gonna read my Bible tonight and pray really hard for these sunglasses, then ignore you again for a couple months until the next pair comes out.”

Although nobody in their right minds would admit to having this mindset, I can almost guarantee every resident of Christian faith in this city, if not the country, has had this thought at least once in their lives.

There isn’t much I can really complain about on this topic considering that I am also guilty of this tragic crime, but one thing that I can say is that I actively strive to beat this horrible habit, which is more than many other people in the world can say.

Yes, I understand that it can be difficult sometimes for a Christian to give up 10 minutes of his or her life to reading something that should be the central point of their universe. I hope someone caught that sarcasm there.

I attended a church camp last summer called Super Summer, where our head speaker dude related the Bible to a novel. He had the crowd of almost a thousand people raise their hands if they’ve read the entirety of the “Harry Potter” series. The majority of the attendants raised their hands, obviously. Then he asked that those who’ve read the entire Bible. I’m almost positive four people kept their hands raised.

My point here is that so many people claim to be Christian, but rather than actually having a relationship with God — whom they claim to believe is the creator of the entire universe and everything inside and outside of it — they throw him in their closet somewhere and continue living their own lives. In reality, they’re simply treating their “God” as a magical genie to poof up any wish they want when things go bad.

In their minds, when things are good, they don’t need God. They have food, money, shelter and possibly a wonderful home life. What more could they need? But when the food starts to disappear and income stops flowing, they get desperate. And the first thing people fall back on in desperate times, more often than not, ends up being God.

Am I the only person who thinks this is horrible? People who claim to believe that the God of the universe personally wants to have a relationship with them act like they don’t need or want Him in their lives. I can imagine God recoiling from this massive slap to the face with a tear in His eye.

God isn’t just some “Break in Case of Emergency” guy sitting behind a pane of glass waiting for something bad to happen. He’s definitely not a genie in a bottle waiting for someone to drive up to Taco Bell and not have enough money for a 5-layer burrito, nor is He the kind of God who will pretend to be one to please people.

Those who claim to be Christians should try harder to not be giant hypocrites, and rather than treating our God like a magic genie, start letting Him impact our lives.