Gifted students unappreciated

Being classified, in another state, as gifted, talented and advanced, I guess I could say Gifted and Talented is a very sensitive matter to me. When I first arrived in Duncan, I was shocked to see the lack of recognition and special assignments, conditions and regulations provided for G&T students.

G&T, like any other form of special education, should be given Individualized Education Plans. It would not be a difficult task to have a separate classroom or hallway for G&T students. Where I come from, students recognized as gifted were given another outlet, not just extra work.

I have witnessed that most gifted students have a special way of learning and are easily stressed if classwork is not given in a form they can comprehend. However, when they try to explain or learn in the way that is best for them, they are disciplined for disrupting class. Providing a separate class for these students, especially a self-taught one, would allow Duncan’s averages to rise because teachers don’t have to try to keep up with gifted students who distract others, and the gifted students wouldn’t get bored and cause disturbances because they need a positive outlet for brain energy.

Extracurricular classes can only provide so much if the classes are mixed with regular, or average, students. Why is it that Special Education doesn’t reach out to those that learn differently? Gifted is special too, and it’s time Duncan realizes that.