Drama triumphs through tribulations

Despite the strife the drama department has been facing recently, they are still flying through the year with considerable strength. Drama originally had a play called “Fifteen Minute Hamlet” scheduled for mid-Oct., but they ran into some conflicts.

“It was an issue on license,” drama teacher Shep Pamplin said.

When Samuel French Publishing issued the license for the drama class to perform “Fifteen Minute Hamlet,” there were some complications when the computer system didn’t recognize the license as paid.

“I finally gave up fighting [for the license] because it was the day of the contest,” Pamplin said.

Even though an important play was cancelled, that doesn’t stop many drama students from doing acting related things. Drama students have the option to participate in speech. Since many do, they are never bored. Dramatic interpretations and extemps are some of the things drama students do between major plays. Extemp speaking, often shortened because the full name is extemporaneous, are 7-minute speeches over a topic randomly chosen for the student, but the student only has 30 minutes to prepare.

Currently, the drama department is conducting an original children’s play based on “Peter Pan” for the local elementary schools.

“We also have another play in two weeks called ‘Ten Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse,’” Student Director Sam Perry said.

In “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse,” two narrators explain 10 methods to survive the zombie apocalypse while four survivors demonstrate.

On Oct. 25, 26 and 31, drama hosted a haunted house in the Simmons Center and school, which they built themselves.

Requiring 2 dollars for students and three for adults, they made more money than they have ever made with a haunted house at the Simmons Center.

The drama class this year is testing their flexibility and ultimately advancing through the school year.