Regionals blown away and Finals made at OBA

Sweepstakes, here we come.

On Oct 22, the marching band attended its Regionals marching competition at Lawton and competed alongside several other bands from around Oklahoma to be scored by a panel of judges. The band achieved all ones in every category, one being the best possible. To receive these perfect scores, a huge amount of work was required from every section of the band, but that didn’t stop the band from enjoying themselves.

“Regionals was a lot of fun, not just because we got all ones,” senior colorguard captain Kathleen Taylor said.

As the drum major and conductor of the band, junior Jessica Haas was confident in the band’s abilities.

“It felt good [the scores] but we’re good,” said Haas. “I knew we would do great even as we were performing.”

It was universally assumed that band would do well at Regionals.

“I wasn’t really surprised,” junior pit captain Jon Peercy said. “We usually do really well at Regionals.”

Regionals, however, isn’t the only competition the band marches for.

The last official marching band competition, known as OBA, took place at Mustang High School this year. Even though it is the last contest for the band, according to Haas, OBA isn’t necessarily the absolute most important contest.

“Each contest is different. We have to prepare more for regionals than for OBA,” said Haas. “It’s because when we do well at Regionals, we have a better chance at making Sweepstakes.”

OBA is another statewide contest in which rather than scored individually, bands are placed. Preparation for this contest is especially hectic, as it is the last award that a band can win until spring. This year Duncan came in 8 out of 24 bands.

“For some reason, I got more nervous before OBA than any other contest we’ve been to this year,” Peercy said. “It means a lot to us to get a good place.”

For the last two years, the Duncan band has had a recurring joke, referring to themselves as ‘the Rain Makers’.

“Robby [Colorguard instructor] wanted us to do the ‘make it rain’ hand motion at the massing of the bands.”

This is because for the last two years, it has rained almost exclusively during the Duncan bands’ performance. However, this has had little effect on Duncan’s performance.

“We made Finals and marched through the rain,” Haas said. “The rain hindered us, but not by much.”

The rain affects the musicians but particularly affects instruments and flags.

“The performance was a little difficult because of the rain,” Taylor said. “Which isn’t good for a flags, instruments or anything really.”

Rain aside, the band rallied together under the flags of colorguard and marched home with a top tenth position.