STAR WARS vs. Lord of the Rings

The first thing I want to say about Star Wars that makes it superior to LOTR, is that things actually happened. That’s not as if events didn’t occur in LOTR, but nothing that the villain actually wanted to do occured. It seemed to me that the villain’s plan was there, but it was all just fear and hearsay. Most people didn’t know what the Ring was and the people that did knew that it was evil. We could say that the One Ring was as dangerous as the Death Star, but the two planets and billions upon billions of people destroyed by the Galactic Empire would disagree.

From what I can tell, Sauron wanted the One Ring so he could take control of Middle-earth, but how does the One Ring actually allow you to do that? As far as I know, the ring makes the wearer invisible and gives the wearer’s location to the eye of Sauron, but where in those two things does the power to rule Middle-earth come in? It wasn’t any question why the Galactic Empire was interested in finding Master Yoda because if he dies, there are no other known Jedi in the galaxy meaning that no one could stand up to the empire, until the discovery of Luke Skywalker. When Darth Vader learned of the existence of Luke Skywalker, the plan was obvious. We have to kill the Skywalker or change him because he is too strong to be allied with the rebels. Sauron may have used the Ring differently than a regular person, but we know that it wouldn’t have mattered because he had the Ring at the beginning of the first movie and he still lost.

Another thing that confuses me is what the One Ring does to normal people. The ring corrupts their mind with delusions of grandeur and thoughts of evil, but it seems like that was already what the villains were doing before and after the ring came along. Morgoth is supposed to be this evil, all powerful being, but he got along just fine without the ring, until he was banished to the void after he was defeated. Saruman rose a supposedly unstoppable army of orcs and goblins and other nasty things, but those were the same things the good guys fought before and after the Ring existed and the humans and elves won that war. The Rebel Alliance had no hope of defeating the Galactic Empire without Luke Skywalker personally. Without him, the Death Star would’ve continued destroying planets that stood up to them without being able to do anything about it, there would have been no Jedi to carry on the light side of the force, and the Clone army would’ve continued spreading across the universe.

It’s possible that Star Wars just seems to be much larger than LOTR because things happened on such a larger scale; Morgoth destroyed nations, Darth Sidious destroyed planets. Sauron killed thousands, Sidious killed billions. Aragorn united a kingdom, Skywalker united a galaxy. It’s just too hard to compare the two universes without tripping over your own words and realizing the two just can’t coexist. I love the mythology and depth of LOTR, but I’ll always prefer Star Wars.