HARRY POTTER vs. Hunger Games

Just as there were seven Horcruxes and seven books, I can name seven reasons why the Harry Potter (HP) series is better than The Hunger Games (HG) trilogy.

The first reason is I prefer series over trilogies. In a series, one gets to spend more time with the characters as they develop and grow. In a trilogy, the characters develop faster and one simply doesn’t get to make a bond with them as well.

HP is open to a wider audience. The protagonist starts at age 11, goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding and ends with the battle against Lord Voldemort finally over. I like to be close in age to the characters of books I read and Harry Potter is. I also feel this opens up a broader reading base because Harry Potter gets older in each book; whereas, Katniss Everdeen stays around the same age.

“The Hunger Games” is way more violent than “Harry Potter.” True, HP has its violent moments but these are less realistic than the ones in HG. The idea people our age would have to live worse than anyone I know of and then go and kill or be killed is terrifying. Now, I know Katniss herself didn’t kill anyone but seriously: Most people would rather go to Hogwarts than participate in the annual Hunger Games.

To me, reading is an escape from everything else. This is the reason why I read books that are entertaining and fictional. In HG the characters use real weapons (like a bow and arrows), but in HP they use defenses against the dark arts (like spells), creating a less realistic atmosphere.

I personally do not read many things that are romantic. HP has less romance whereas in HG it is closer to the main plot. Katniss has to choose between the kind Peeta or the attractive Gale. The story altogether is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Katniss Everdeen lives day to day in survival mode.

President Snow of Panem is not a good ruler. I don’t understand why he would need to cause teens to die every year simply to remind them of history. I know it’s part of the main plot. The Ministers of Magic haven’t been very good leaders, either. Keep in mind that Albus Dumbledore has been offered the job several times, but he knew his past and knew better than to take that much power again.

My final point is that in HG the characters  never know who to trust and are almost always fighting against each other. In HP the characters work together to defeat Voldemort. Sure, they have times where they split, but they also get back together easily. In this way, it shows readers to have better friendships than not to trust many people.

On a side note, it is official there will be another film involving the HP universe. Fans are excited the magic is not over.

I’m not saying I dislike HG. I enjoy those books and movie, too. It’s just if I had the option between “The Hunger Games” and “Harry Potter,” I would choose the latter.