HUNGER GAMES vs. Harry Potter

“I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!”

This line captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. It is a line that made hearts stop and breathing cease. This line showed the love of Katniss Everdeen for her little sister, Primrose. This quote forever marked Katniss as the Girl on Fire and the Mockingjay, the symbol of the uprising in the country of Panem.

I do have to warn that there will be spoilers in this story.

After Katniss volunteers to take Prim’s place as District 12’s female Tribute in the seventy-fourth annual Hunger Games, she survives not one but two Hunger Games, living in District 12 with no income other than illegal hunting, and several severe burns. She survived much more than a wizard who survived one spell only because it was deflected by someone else’s magic, and a piece of the Dark Lord’s soul was hidden inside him.

Katniss didn’t have some high and mighty boarding school that she could go to in order to get away from the people that didn’t like her. She lived in fear of the world every day. Especially, after the day that Katniss’ father died during a mining accident while Katniss and Prim were at school. Katniss’ mother, who  never learned how to provide for her family, became depressed. Because of this, Katniss became somewhat of a mother to both her mother and Prim.

Katniss risked her life almost everyday to make sure her and her best friend’s families were kept alive and fed. What did Harry Potter do? He put the people he cared about in danger. The Girl on Fire saved the love of her life with her quick wit and knowledge of  nature. Those are things any ordinary human girl could do. Katniss didn’t need magical powers for people to want to fight in her image or to fight for herself. Everything Miss Everdeen did was either based off of things she observed in her own lifetime or things her late father taught her when she was a child.

Even Hermione is more useful than Harry simply because she wasn’t born to wizards, she was born to Muggles. That’s just another reason why talented humans are better than magic-relying wizards. Sure, Harry was an orphan almost his whole life, but he doesn’t seem to have learned from his teachers or to have taught himself how to survive and do things on his own. A lot of the knowledge Harry used came from Hermione.

Katniss is just an everyday, active girl that lives by instinct. She is a symbol of what today’s girls could become. Katniss is represented as an average girl with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Because of this she is a positive role model for everyone. She just happens to have killer aim. Literally.

Besides, I doubt that Harry Potter could survive in an arena with twenty-four other teenagers bent on personal survival with or without his magical wand.

However, I just have one thing to say if Harry’s name is ever drawn during the Reaping:

“Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!”